Is Mold Testing Necessary? 


Most people are familiar with certain molds, especially the ones that are common and visible. Molds can be everywhere, and they can grow outside your home and even inside where you usually spend your time. And no matter how experienced you are in spotting them, it would still be a challenge locating them indoors. 


Mold Inspection companySome molds can grow in your home without you noticing them, and they can invade your space and pose a great danger to your health. It is recommended that you get your home tested for mold twice a year or as needed to avoid this from happening.


While DIY mold inspection kits are made available for anyone who wishes to do the process on their own, professionals, like Star Mold Removal, can clearly understand the type of mold you are dealing with. Experienced inspectors like us can help you develop a better plan to remove the mildew and stop it from recurring. 


Mold Inspection Process 


If you smell a musty odor or observe high humidity, even without seeing a mold inside your home, a thorough mold testing or inspection should be done immediately.


Tap on someone experienced and reliable to perform the job for you. There may be cost-efficient options to look into the mold problem, but hiring experts guarantees 100% accuracy and success rate. 


When it comes to mold inspection, Star Mold Removal is your best pick for the job. Our licensed inspectors are very keen on doing every step of the testing process up to the last remediation stage. We will make sure that you know what we are doing and the results we are aiming for. 


After you call our team for a mold inspection, the process will start with air quality or mold assessment. Our licensed inspectors will visually assess your residential or commercial area for moisture or visible mold. In some cases, we will need to collect some surface or non-viable air samples for further analysis. By doing so, we can check on the possible presence of spores (viable and non-viable). 


Further inspection will then follow once we identify the type of mold you have at home. Our sources will have to check on the possible causes, the growth patterns, etc. Once this information is gathered, it will be easier for our team to proceed with the mold remediation process. 


Mold Removal and Remediation 


Our team will prepare the mold remediation plan based on the results gathered during the testing – that is, if there’s an urgent need for one. Clients will be informed of the detailed plan, such as the materials needed, the mold abatement process, the post-remediation requirement, etc.


Star Mold Removal will make sure your home ventilation is good, especially in the affected area. Our team will use air filtration devices to prevent the growth and spread of spores. Cleaning, identifying possible sources (like leaks, moisture, etc.), encapsulation, and repeat remediation is necessary to ensure we address and resolve the mold problem you have at home. 


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