Is Mold Dangerous? 


Understanding mold, its growth, and the harm it can cause your family is crucial. It’s difficult to spot and identify a mold problem if you know nothing about it. The fact that there are a thousand types, it’s possible that a problematic mold is starting to invade your home. 


Mold and water damageWater leaks that can cause moisture or excess water can put homes at risk of mold growth. Don’t let this happen. A mold problem may appear minor at first, but it can cause severe damage to your property and impact your health when neglected. 


When mold starts to grow, it can cause irreversible damage. Not only that, mold releases microscopic spores that can affect the air quality of your home. These usually cause skin irritation, rhinitis, and other allergies, and extended exposure to these tiny spores can trigger respiratory problems. 


So if you’re not taking action because you’re considering a mold problem as very minor, think twice. You are putting your home in great danger and your health and your family’s too. Don’t take chances. Take action and stop a minor mold problem from escalating. 


Signs that You Have Mold at Home


Understanding what mold is, its threat, and the long-term damage it can cause is your first step to addressing the problem. Though there are thousands of mold types, it’s still possible to identify the kind of mold you have at home. 


The appearance and the smell can be an excellent guide to identifying mold growth at home. Also, looking into mold-prone areas like the grout and tile in your bathroom, your basement walls, spaces under your seats, and other areas prone to moisture are very helpful.


For instance, a stale odor or a musty one is the first sign of a mold problem. If you begin to notice this smell, immediately scan your property for other visible signs, whether at home or your business property. Let me repeat this, a thorough investigation of these symptoms can stop the spread & harmful effects of mold at home.


Moreover, peeling wallpapers, dampness, dark spots on walls, grout starting to darken, discolored carpet, etc., are obvious signs of mold damage. If you notice any of these, then it’s confirmed – you have a mold problem, and you have to take action ASAP.


Professional Mold Removal and Remediation Plan 


If you believe that your home is affected by a mold problem, you must seek professional help right away. The sooner we address the problem, the sooner we stop the spread of this harmful mold. 


Cleaning mold damageThere are helpful DIY methods to control mold damage, but nothing beats professional help. If you can smell it but can’t see one, you should leave it to the experts. Star Mold Removal will help you identify, remove and remediate harmful mold on your property. 


Our team is known to be the best in this industry, serving clients from different cities. We provide 24 hour and affordable mold removal services. Our goal is not only to remove any mold in your residential and commercial property but to stop its spread permanently. 


We are here to help you keep your homes mold-free. Let us know how we can be of help. Give us a call to check our services.